Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bringing Home The Wall

I'm at my PC contemplating the mind set of the so-called patriots!! (And I don't mean the New England Patriots, I know they're good!!!) I'm refering to the Flag wavers who claim to be so patriotic and dedicated to the needs of the Veterans.We have a few who work within the VA system who claim to be for the Veterans but haven't seen fit to see that the 60 year old guidelines based on WWII are changed to conform with the present day needs. Why should they? They have their cush jobs and living well. Why should they rock the boat?!!

My wife and I had a small version of the Viet Nam Memorial built so we can bring it around to the VA Hospitals for the Veterans who can't visit the Memorial in Washington, D.C. or make it to the Traveling Memorial due to physical or financial difficulties, as well as the families of Veterans. It is 46' long and 8' Tall. It consists of 23 panels but every name that is on the memorial in D.C. is on the wall we had built. We have a computer generated program to locate each individual and it gives a brief history of the service member. Each name is in the identical location as in D.C.

Well I'm 100% disabled and have been doing this since 1996. It has caught on with the schools and now we are being asked to set it up at different educational locations. As soon as we mention money the tune changes!!! If we do it gratuitously we would be set up everyday!! I can't begin to describe the looks and feeling of the Vets who finally get the chance for some closure. I've gotten so many hugs, as well as my wife, and thank yous. We've seen the tears being shed, and the questions asked, "why did I come home and they didn't?" It is a healing experience for most vets and a learning process for the school children. Unfortunately I don't know how much longer we can do this. It's becoming cost prohibitive on the meager pension I get and what my wife makes at work.

Well we went 501c(3) to try to draw some sponsors in to try to help us. Boy is that a joke! I wrote several major companies regarding our needs and you would be surprised at the responses. Most of them were basically the same but in essence it was a BIG "NO" ! I wrote to one company who builds Motorcycles, I won't use their name, I'm not sure what the consequences would be. I do know that it cost me a Hundred Dollars each time I buy something from them. They will only support, (supposedly) organizations in the five (5) cities where they manufacture their bikes!! Imagine if the Vets fought for all but those 5 cities?!! However, now this is classic, they have showrooms in just about every city in the United States and want us to buy from them!! I wonder how their sales would be if the Vets refused to buy from them and went to HONDA!! (LOL)

How about these guys who drive making left hand turns every SUNDAY for a living!? Their organization also told me basically the Vets did not come to the top of the list to contribute to!!! I would have set up at every track to entice the Vets to visit but we are not worthy enough!! I wonder how many Vets support them? 1 maybe 2? (LOL) I'm laughing out loud today at all these flag wavers that my side hurts. They're flag wavers until it comes time to put their money where their mouths are!! I can't begin to tell you guys how many organizations I've contacted and been declined for really ludicrous reasons. However you go on TV and these same organizations are the "PROUD SPONSORS" of MLB, NFL, NASCAR, (don't they drive making left hand turns?!!) B-BALL etc, etc., but not one of them is proud enough to give back to the Veterans. I'm sure they would if they could make money from it though. It's all about money.

What is really amazing is you take an individual like Denzel Washington who hears a vet is in need and he is quick to respond. He, my friends, is a true American. He isn't afraid to give back to the men who gave so much, but these big corporations and overpaid crybaby millionaires mentioned above turn their backs. I guess it's all in the up bringing.

I think I've vented enough for today but I'll set this aside just in case I remember someone else who has forgotten the Veterans.