Monday, March 31, 2008

Web site update and announcement

Two important announcements!
One, I recently updated the Bringing Home The Wall website with a new look and added (finally) a pretty large photo gallery that shows the traveling wall set up at different locations. Kindly take the time to visit the web site by clicking on the link above. Comments are always welcomed.

The second thing is we wanted to announce that Bringing Home The Wall will be set up for 9 days beginning on this coming Saturday April 5th at Forever Florida in St Cloud, Florida. Try to make it out to see us there.

Okay, so I will add in another announcement. Bringing Home The Wall recently became a 501c (3) non-profit organization. Tom and Dee have been working hard and really looking forward to that day. However, they are still in need of a business (small or large) to sponsor their Vietnam Veteran's Memorial. Any business or person that is interested in sponsoring this worth while cause, please feel free to contact Tom Twigg directly at 407-433-0015. The wall has survived solely on the finances of the Twiggs along with the some donations that are taken at places they have set up. This cause is so deserving of a good sponsorship to help move the wall around. If you are a business or know of one that might be interested in sponsoring Bringing Home The Wall, contact us.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

America the Brave

Boy I'm so angry right now I could spit. I was lead on by GMC in the hopes of getting them to Sponsor mine and my wifes Traveling Wall. We bring this around to the VA hospitals for the vets and their families who can't afford to go to D.C. or the traveling wall. Ours can be set up indoors and it is quite handy for schools to educate our children.

After waiting for over a month and hoping they would come through they tell us it doesn't fit into their scope to sponsor it. I should wait a year and try to reword it but I could not submitt it for a year. Maybe I SHOULD HAVE LEFT OUT THE PART THAT IT WAS FOR THE VETERANS OR FOR THE SCHOOL CHILDREN AND THEN THEY MIGHT BE INTERESTED.
It seems as though anything for the vets and the children of this country and big business goes deaf. Let outfits like NASCAR or the NFL,MLB, or NBA ask for something and boy they become the "Proud Sponsors" of the organization. I guess it's not the in thing for big business to be proud of the vets or the children. If I still had young children as many of us do I would really take heart in how GM responded. I know as a vett I am going to remember and be sure to let every vet I can know how they turned their back on us. I wonder how they would feel if we turned our backs on them and purchased from dealers who helped the vets? I wish people would stop and consider just what big business has done for the vets before making major purchases from them. Count the times you hear that GMC is the proud sponsor of something and then ask a vet what GMC has done for them? NOTHING!!! Sorry but I have to close here but I'll be back when I calm down and think straight so I c an give the real low down on GMC, my opinion of course.

Monday, February 4, 2008

"Proud Sponsors of the NFL??"

Well here I am again and it’s SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. I should take the time to watch all the hype and pregame festivities, but it just rubs me the wrong way. I watched The Madden team touring around in their bus just to compete in video games. The ultimate prize is one hundred thousand dollars, not to mention all the expenses paid to take them around the country in that camper bus. Then you watch that over paid crybaby Dion Sanders making a fool of his self laughing at some fellow J.D. or something like that passing out in a jet. They replayed it so much no-one will forget it. That must have cost a pretty penny for the ride, or the government just wasted tax payer’s money!! The hype out there in Phoenix is unbelievable. I guess you know where I’m going with this, that’s right they have all this money to basically throw away but can’t help the Veterans with my wall. I just can’t justify the mindset of these people. They had one of their own killed over in Afghanistan and for a while you heard about it but do you now?? No, of course not, it’s not putting money in their pockets or their faces in the news. I really wish I knew how to get in touch with someone in one of these organizations with some pull who would listen to my plight. I’m going to go and watch the game and then write down all the “PROUD” sponsors of the NFL and try to contact them to see if they would be proud sponsors of Bringing Home The Wall for the Veterans to enjoy and finally get some relief. I’ll close for now but I’ll be back later or in the morning. See ya soon !!

Told you I would be back. That was one heck of a game last night. The team I wanted to win didn’t but, the best team won. The Giants seemed to have more desire and heart. I am really impressed with Eli. That’s enough of that though. I really want to get down to the meat of the subject, GREED!!! The started off reciting the Declaration of Independence and made quite a show of it. Part of it tried to impress that they cared for the Veterans which I didn’t buy into. I think it was all talk and a commercial and they were getting paid for it. At the end of it is said “As the sun goes down, we shall honor and remember them”. Really? I have written to so many people and players and the “PROUD SPONSORS” of the NFL, and I’m going to list them most of whom I wrote to and all of whom never even replied. That is with the exception of Ford Motor Company and NASCAR who didn’t feel that my wanting to give some families and Veterans some closure, and try to educate some school children, quite met their requirements. What they really meant was, HOW CAN WE MAKE MONEY OFF OF THIS?? The average bill for a commercial was 5.4 million for one minute!!! They can spend that just to make more but they won’t help the Veterans who they just said they would honor when the sun went down!!! Of course they will, it’ll be dark and no-one will notice if they do or don’t!! How much did it cost for that performance by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers? I would venture to say a heck of a lot more than I’m trying to obtain. I already have my wall and can use it but would like a new one which is lighter so when my wife and I set it up by ourselves it would be easier. I have a half ton pickup that I can load it in but it’s not very practical, although that’s how I do it now. I really can’t afford a motel room every night so the wife and I make do on the seats of the pickup. Of course the expenses are getting a little to much so on my military pension (disability) I don’t know how much longer we can do this. Is it asking too much to respect the Veterans who gave the GIANTS and the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS the opportunity to play the game yesterday? I think not. For a new wall, a 1 ton pickup and a toy trailer for hauling the wall and sleeping quarters while traveling, and expenses for a year wouldn’t cost 1/10 of what the commercial rate was, and some of them like Budweiser had several of them on there. I guess we know their priorities!! The few that did have the decency to reply to me asked how they would be recognized as a sponsor. Of course they need to be recognized but, is that their first priority??

I would like anyone who can take the time to look at the PROUD SPONSORS of the NFL and ask yourself, “ why they can’t be proud sponsors for something to help the Veterans and children?? “

You have my e-mail, contact me and give me your opinion, am I asking too much? Thanks again and until I get some kind of response I’ll try to be here every day. If I get some positive results I’ll be here every day with updates on how the wall is affecting our Children and Veterans.

Which was your favorite commercial?
Bud Light - fire breather Coca-Cola - parade balloons Budweiser - dog trains Clydesdale Pepsi - Justin Timberlake
Fed Ex - pigeons
Tide - talking stain
Garmin - Napoleon
Diet Pepsi Max - head nodding Audi - 'Godfather' parody
Bud Light - cheese party
i Under Armour - the future is ours
I Gatorade - Derek Jeter
Bridgestone Tire - animals Toyota - badger
Taco Bell - fiesta platter mariachis Dell - join red
Career Builder - beating heart quits GoDaddy - Danica Patrick
Sobe Life Water - "Thriller" lizards Bud Light - Mencia pick-up lines GMC Yukon - never say never
Planters - Men fall for woman with cashews T-Mobile - "Fave Five"/Barkely vs. Wade - witch doctor
I - pandas
il• Vitamin water - Shaquille O'Neal as horse jockey
Bud Light - cavemen Bridgestone - Richard Simmons Career Builder - firefly/spider E-Trade - baby online
Bud Light - flying
Coke - Carville & Frist tour D.C. Gatorade - Dog slurping Gatorade Bud Light - Will Farrell
Victoria's Secret
I Amp energy drink - human battery !
L- . .-..-1

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The traveling wall inside the Lake Highland Preparatory School

Bringing Home The Wall set up inside.

These pictures were taken while the wall was set up indoors at the Lake Highland Preparatory School from the previous post. The picture of the wall above shows that the wall Tom and Dee created can be set up in both an outdoor and indoor venue. That is the true beauty of this traveling wall. The fact that it can be displayed indoors in the conception of Dee Twigg so that it can be set up and viewed in VA hospitals as well as schools, malls and other inside events.

Tom and Dee Twigg with the Veteran's Memorial ribbon.

Dee sews this ribbon by hand adding a few feet at a time for visitors of the wall to sign. Once the ribbon reaches the total length of the Vietnam Memorial wall in Washington D.C. it will be escorted from their home in Florida to be unrolled in front of the memorial and dedicated to the names of the fallen etched in stone.

Students of Lake Highland Preparatory School sign the Vietnam Memorial Ribbon.

During the time that Bringing Home The Wall was displayed at the school, students and faculty members had the opportunity to sign the ribbon adding to the thousands of signatures that will eventually be displayed at the memorial park in Washington D.C.

Children listen to Vietnam Veteran Tom Twigg teach about the wall.

Displaying the wall for 2 days at Lake Highland preparatory was a learning experience for all of the students and faculty members of the school. Tom was available to look up names of family members that appear on the traveling wall as well as answer questions that the young children had about the Vietnam and the memorial being displayed.

Remembering the fallen.

Bringing Home The Wall creates the opportunity that most other traveling Vietnam memorial walls do not. The Twigg family developed this memorial with the specific goal of moving and displaying the wall at as many veteran hospitals as possible bringing closure to many that would otherwise never have the means of health or finance to enable them to travel and see the actual memorial in Washington D.C. This is the true mission statement of Bringing Home The Wall.

Viet Nam Memorial Appreciation

Hey I’m back and this time not so aggravated! I have some backup this time as to how important this Wall that my wife Dee and I came up with, and the reason we are so passionate in the moving of the wall and the children in the educational systems throughout the country, as well as all the vets that are hampered by physical or financial problems. I’m going to enclose a letter from the Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando, Florida. I have all kinds of pictures of the children from the very lowest grade to the highest and the reactions to the display written all over their faces. The little ones couldn’t ask enough questions, and intelligent ones at that. The Veterans that visited were amazing, from WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Afghanistan and Iraq. It touched them all just knowing that someone truly cares. Unfortunately no matter how much my wife and I care, without support it will be another thing lost by Veterans and in this case the school children.

Tomorrow the SUPER BOWL is being played in Arizona and God only knows how many millions of dollars are being spent on this game. How many dollars are being contributed to the organization, put into parties, put into contests just to attend! This is a one day sporting event. Of course it takes some preseason practice and games. Sixteen weeks of hard hitting action and many injuries. All of these so two teams could face off to see who the best is for that year!! Very entertaining, and what a money maker. We had some injuries, some of them ending a life’s work to get where he was. Unfortunately this year we lost a young man permanently but, that was in his home from an intruder. Very, very sad. So young with a brilliant career ahead of him to be snuffed out like that. Next season a few might remember the injuries and the loss of this young fellow but in time no one will remember unless reminded.

The Viet Nam war lasted quite a few seasons, it was very “Hard Hitting” and not in the least entertaining, unless you were home, in Canada or some other foreign country (Clinton, Bush) to watch it on TV. If that’s what you call entertaining. We didn’t and don’t get paid quite so well for our injuries and unlike the football injuries ours have lasted FORTY YEARS, we’ll never forget them. They lost one player in football this year and a couple last year. I don’t know because I don’t follow as much as I would like to. I have a more important agenda. I would like to note though that based from 1964 thru 1975 we lost approximately 58,489 men that we know of or are told we lost. Based on that it averaged 5,317 a year, 443 a month and 15 a day ! We didn’t have a SUPER BOWL when we came home, we were to busy still dodging. Only this time it wasn’t bullets it was stones, sticks, bricks, spit and whatever else was at hand. And it wasn’t the Vietnamese, it was this grateful nation who still thinks more of a football game than the Veterans who fought to make it possible for this game to go on. They will spend all this money on crybaby millionaires and not offer one bit of hope that this wall can continue to give a Vet some peace and closure, or to educate a child of the hazards and consequences of WAR. Nothing much has changed in 32 years.

Well as I said I have a letter I want to stick in here so I’ll put it in now and close for today. I WILL BE BACK !!

November 30, 2007

Tom & Dee Twigg
4751 N. Kenansville Road St. Cloud, FL 34773

Dear Tom and Dee;


PREPARATORY SCHOOL Cultivating Intellect &: Character

On behalf of Lake Highland Preparatory School, thank you for bringing your replica of the Vietnam Wall Memorial to our campus for this year's Veterans' Salute. This year's program, "Freedom", focused on how freedom has evolved with each generation while remaining true to our forefathers scripting.

We began our tribute dedicated to our revolutionary war patriots and ended with the current war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Having the Vietnam War Wall helped tie in the history of all that happened in this great country.

One portion of Lake Highland's mission statement charges us to inspire patriotism for our students. You have helped us do this by having the wall on display. It was a tremendous effort on your part to have this set up and made available for our students on
November 8th and 9th. Your passion to make sure that these fallen and missing soldiers. never be forgotten is a worthy goal and every American should see and experience it.

We were especially touched by the many stories you shared with us. They made those names engraved on the wall come alive and helped us remember that these soldiers were real people with real families who loved and missed them.

Many of our Lower School teachers expressed their appreciation of the time you took with our youngest Highlanders and how you and Dee took the time to answer their questions, tell them about the wall. It is hard to believe that the Vietnam War was 40 years ago. This has helped us provide the finest college preparatory education for each Highlander student.

Thank you again for supporting our students, our faculty and our Veterans' Salute program. Your active involvement enables us to continue our thirty-seven year tradition of developing scholars and leaders.

Cheryl & I have included a copy of this year's tribute recorded on a DVD for you. Please accept this and our donation to help you continue your mission of educating others. We as Americans should never forget the sacrifice of those who came before us. Our freedoms would not be available without their dedication, effort and love of America.

since~d,:I:. Linda Hardy- (7 Veterans Salute Chair

~,P? ,

tle~\1'f. Special Events Coordinator

901 NORTH HIGHLAND AVENUE• ORLANDO, FL 32803 • 407.206.1900 • FAX 407.206.1911 Accredited b Southern Association if Colleges and Schools and Honda Councl! if Independent Schools
Member if National Association iflndependent Schools

Friday, February 1, 2008

Prize Possession

Recently I vented about the so-called PATRIOTS in this wonderful country of ours and it's still eating at me, so I'm going to have to vent some more or I'll lose my mind, what little I have left! I recently sent out the following letter to several corporations and if you want to call it begging then I begged for help. I don't care, it's ultimately going to help some vets. If I can ease one pain, offer some closure to a vet or a fallen comrads family then I've done my job. Can you believe I get replies like the one received from Harley Owners Group that states that Harley-Davidson Motor Company limits its support to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, a very worthy organization, but they can't see their way to help the vets! Makes you wonder. Oh yes, the HOG Group only promotes Harley-Davidson dealer and Chapter sponsored events. I could go on and on like NFL, MLB, NASCAR etc., etc. but what is the use. Well any way here's the letter and to all the PATRIOTS, sleep well.

Dear Sir or Madam,

In 1996, My wife and I started a project. The project soon turned into a dream, and that dream is now our Mission. Our Mission is Bringing Home The Wall. To bring home the wall to all of the soldiers who fought in and survived the Vietnam War…. To bring home the wall to families and friends, who lost their soldier in the Vietnam War…. To give a Mother, a son, a wife, a hero, a chance to touch the name of their loved one in remembrance of them…to give them a chance to feel some kind of closure. Our Mission is to Bring Home the Wall to everyone who has been affected by the loss they suffered in the Vietnam War.
With help, we can bring our Wall, which is a small scale of the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., to soldiers around the country who otherwise would never have the opportunity to see it. Unlike the Traveling Wall, BHTW is 8’ tall and 46’ long and its architecture is unique in that there are many different designs available. Because the Wall layout can be retailored to suit areas of different sizes and shapes, this permits its erection in virtually all spaces.
The primary intention for the Wall is that it can be set up inside a building where many Vietnam War veterans are currently housed. Many veterans are living in these facilities due to illnesses, mental or physical, rendering them unable to leave. In many cases, they will never be able to go to D.C. or to the location of the Traveling Wall. For these brave soldiers, Bringing Home The Wall was created. We can Bring Home the Wall to them….for them.
Through our years of traveling with BHTW, we have invited our visitors to sign a ribbon. The ribbon, in the colors of the Viet Nam Service Ribbon, is now adorned with names and messages, of friends, family members, and soldiers, who have visited. With each new tour, we add footage to the ribbon. Our goal is to see it grow to 494 feet long, which is the length of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington. At which point, we have permission from Washington to have the Color Guard march the ribbon out to the Wall, stretching it to its complete length, and laying it at the foot of our soldiers names. The messages and prayers, sent on our ribbon, WILL make their way to the Vietnam Wall, even if their authors could not. Our dream is to do this on the first Memorial Day that the ribbon reaches maturity. Because this day coincides with the annual run Rolling Thunder makes, most of who are Vets themselves, we find it befitting that they are in attendance to see the display.
I, myself, am a disabled vet, so I can identify with the desire and the NEED to visit the Wall. It is difficult to explain the emotions I feel when I am in the presence of our visitors. To say the least, I am moved by the many faces I see, I am touched by the stories I hear, and I am overwhelmed by the gratitude I receive for Bringing Home The Wall to all of these people. Knowing, first hand, its capacity to move these men and women, makes my Mission even more significant and obligatory. It is our goal, for 2008, to Bring Home the Wall to as many VA Hospitals as possible. We have also had an interest from many schools and would like to use BHTW, as a visual aide, in the education of The Vietnam War.
Due to the fact that I only receive a small disability pension, and traveling with BHTW is an expense that I pay for, we are limited to the number of places we can go and the distance we can travel. Although I have had the wall at many functions in Connecticut and Florida, it simply isn’t enough. Because I intend on attaining my goal, we found it quintessential to unite with ABC, a Non-Profit Organization located in Melbourne, Florida. We hope that this union will help us bring home the wall to a larger number of soldiers and families.

I am asking for you to join our team and help us with our mission. I’m asking you to make a donation or help sponsor the movement of BHTW across the country. I’m asking you to imagine their faces, their eyes filled with tears. I’m asking you to imagine their heads hanging low saying a silent prayer, while hands touch names of someone remembered. I’m asking you to imagine their stories of loss- the children who never knew them, the spouses who will always miss them, the parents who have never forgotten and the soldier who will ALWAYS remember. I’m asking you to imagine their gratitude, for giving them the opportunity, to cry those tears, see those names, and tell those stories. Imagine their feeling of closure. Now imagine your pride in knowing YOU helped them with that process…. knowing you helped them finally secure a little bit of peace nearly three decades following that tragic War.
We are in need of a couple of things to help facilitate the maturation of our goal. We would like to rebuild the wall, making it lighter and more durable. This would be beneficial to my wife and I, so when we set it up by ourselves, without volunteers, it’s an easier process. We are looking for donations and sponsorships to have this new wall built as well as donations and sponsorships for a one ton pickup to move it, and a “toy trailer” to serve as both storage and living space while touring.
Please find it in your heart to help us with our mission through the gift of a donation or sponsorship. If you are unable to help financially, but have a suggestion that may help us in our endeavor to get funding, we would kindly appreciate it.
I’m 63 and my wonderful wife is 60 and I know we don’t have many years left to Bring Home the Wall . I can not emphasize enough, the reaction we get from Vets who have had the opportunity to see BHTW. It is so important to us that we visit many more of them before our journey is through. I hope that you will have the opportunity to come to a viewing yourself, and sign our ribbon of prayers and messages. We thank you for your time and your support.

Any questions you may have can be addressed to:
Thomas and Delores Twigg
4751 N. Kenansville Rd.
St. Cloud, Florida 34773

Proof of 501 c (3) is available upon request.

Thank you again,

T. A. Twigg

You can view our wall at

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bringing Home The Wall

I'm at my PC contemplating the mind set of the so-called patriots!! (And I don't mean the New England Patriots, I know they're good!!!) I'm refering to the Flag wavers who claim to be so patriotic and dedicated to the needs of the Veterans.We have a few who work within the VA system who claim to be for the Veterans but haven't seen fit to see that the 60 year old guidelines based on WWII are changed to conform with the present day needs. Why should they? They have their cush jobs and living well. Why should they rock the boat?!!

My wife and I had a small version of the Viet Nam Memorial built so we can bring it around to the VA Hospitals for the Veterans who can't visit the Memorial in Washington, D.C. or make it to the Traveling Memorial due to physical or financial difficulties, as well as the families of Veterans. It is 46' long and 8' Tall. It consists of 23 panels but every name that is on the memorial in D.C. is on the wall we had built. We have a computer generated program to locate each individual and it gives a brief history of the service member. Each name is in the identical location as in D.C.

Well I'm 100% disabled and have been doing this since 1996. It has caught on with the schools and now we are being asked to set it up at different educational locations. As soon as we mention money the tune changes!!! If we do it gratuitously we would be set up everyday!! I can't begin to describe the looks and feeling of the Vets who finally get the chance for some closure. I've gotten so many hugs, as well as my wife, and thank yous. We've seen the tears being shed, and the questions asked, "why did I come home and they didn't?" It is a healing experience for most vets and a learning process for the school children. Unfortunately I don't know how much longer we can do this. It's becoming cost prohibitive on the meager pension I get and what my wife makes at work.

Well we went 501c(3) to try to draw some sponsors in to try to help us. Boy is that a joke! I wrote several major companies regarding our needs and you would be surprised at the responses. Most of them were basically the same but in essence it was a BIG "NO" ! I wrote to one company who builds Motorcycles, I won't use their name, I'm not sure what the consequences would be. I do know that it cost me a Hundred Dollars each time I buy something from them. They will only support, (supposedly) organizations in the five (5) cities where they manufacture their bikes!! Imagine if the Vets fought for all but those 5 cities?!! However, now this is classic, they have showrooms in just about every city in the United States and want us to buy from them!! I wonder how their sales would be if the Vets refused to buy from them and went to HONDA!! (LOL)

How about these guys who drive making left hand turns every SUNDAY for a living!? Their organization also told me basically the Vets did not come to the top of the list to contribute to!!! I would have set up at every track to entice the Vets to visit but we are not worthy enough!! I wonder how many Vets support them? 1 maybe 2? (LOL) I'm laughing out loud today at all these flag wavers that my side hurts. They're flag wavers until it comes time to put their money where their mouths are!! I can't begin to tell you guys how many organizations I've contacted and been declined for really ludicrous reasons. However you go on TV and these same organizations are the "PROUD SPONSORS" of MLB, NFL, NASCAR, (don't they drive making left hand turns?!!) B-BALL etc, etc., but not one of them is proud enough to give back to the Veterans. I'm sure they would if they could make money from it though. It's all about money.

What is really amazing is you take an individual like Denzel Washington who hears a vet is in need and he is quick to respond. He, my friends, is a true American. He isn't afraid to give back to the men who gave so much, but these big corporations and overpaid crybaby millionaires mentioned above turn their backs. I guess it's all in the up bringing.

I think I've vented enough for today but I'll set this aside just in case I remember someone else who has forgotten the Veterans.