Tuesday, February 19, 2008

America the Brave

Boy I'm so angry right now I could spit. I was lead on by GMC in the hopes of getting them to Sponsor mine and my wifes Traveling Wall. We bring this around to the VA hospitals for the vets and their families who can't afford to go to D.C. or the traveling wall. Ours can be set up indoors and it is quite handy for schools to educate our children.

After waiting for over a month and hoping they would come through they tell us it doesn't fit into their scope to sponsor it. I should wait a year and try to reword it but I could not submitt it for a year. Maybe I SHOULD HAVE LEFT OUT THE PART THAT IT WAS FOR THE VETERANS OR FOR THE SCHOOL CHILDREN AND THEN THEY MIGHT BE INTERESTED.
It seems as though anything for the vets and the children of this country and big business goes deaf. Let outfits like NASCAR or the NFL,MLB, or NBA ask for something and boy they become the "Proud Sponsors" of the organization. I guess it's not the in thing for big business to be proud of the vets or the children. If I still had young children as many of us do I would really take heart in how GM responded. I know as a vett I am going to remember and be sure to let every vet I can know how they turned their back on us. I wonder how they would feel if we turned our backs on them and purchased from dealers who helped the vets? I wish people would stop and consider just what big business has done for the vets before making major purchases from them. Count the times you hear that GMC is the proud sponsor of something and then ask a vet what GMC has done for them? NOTHING!!! Sorry but I have to close here but I'll be back when I calm down and think straight so I c an give the real low down on GMC, my opinion of course.

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