Saturday, February 2, 2008

The traveling wall inside the Lake Highland Preparatory School

Bringing Home The Wall set up inside.

These pictures were taken while the wall was set up indoors at the Lake Highland Preparatory School from the previous post. The picture of the wall above shows that the wall Tom and Dee created can be set up in both an outdoor and indoor venue. That is the true beauty of this traveling wall. The fact that it can be displayed indoors in the conception of Dee Twigg so that it can be set up and viewed in VA hospitals as well as schools, malls and other inside events.

Tom and Dee Twigg with the Veteran's Memorial ribbon.

Dee sews this ribbon by hand adding a few feet at a time for visitors of the wall to sign. Once the ribbon reaches the total length of the Vietnam Memorial wall in Washington D.C. it will be escorted from their home in Florida to be unrolled in front of the memorial and dedicated to the names of the fallen etched in stone.

Students of Lake Highland Preparatory School sign the Vietnam Memorial Ribbon.

During the time that Bringing Home The Wall was displayed at the school, students and faculty members had the opportunity to sign the ribbon adding to the thousands of signatures that will eventually be displayed at the memorial park in Washington D.C.

Children listen to Vietnam Veteran Tom Twigg teach about the wall.

Displaying the wall for 2 days at Lake Highland preparatory was a learning experience for all of the students and faculty members of the school. Tom was available to look up names of family members that appear on the traveling wall as well as answer questions that the young children had about the Vietnam and the memorial being displayed.

Remembering the fallen.

Bringing Home The Wall creates the opportunity that most other traveling Vietnam memorial walls do not. The Twigg family developed this memorial with the specific goal of moving and displaying the wall at as many veteran hospitals as possible bringing closure to many that would otherwise never have the means of health or finance to enable them to travel and see the actual memorial in Washington D.C. This is the true mission statement of Bringing Home The Wall.

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