Monday, February 4, 2008

"Proud Sponsors of the NFL??"

Well here I am again and it’s SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. I should take the time to watch all the hype and pregame festivities, but it just rubs me the wrong way. I watched The Madden team touring around in their bus just to compete in video games. The ultimate prize is one hundred thousand dollars, not to mention all the expenses paid to take them around the country in that camper bus. Then you watch that over paid crybaby Dion Sanders making a fool of his self laughing at some fellow J.D. or something like that passing out in a jet. They replayed it so much no-one will forget it. That must have cost a pretty penny for the ride, or the government just wasted tax payer’s money!! The hype out there in Phoenix is unbelievable. I guess you know where I’m going with this, that’s right they have all this money to basically throw away but can’t help the Veterans with my wall. I just can’t justify the mindset of these people. They had one of their own killed over in Afghanistan and for a while you heard about it but do you now?? No, of course not, it’s not putting money in their pockets or their faces in the news. I really wish I knew how to get in touch with someone in one of these organizations with some pull who would listen to my plight. I’m going to go and watch the game and then write down all the “PROUD” sponsors of the NFL and try to contact them to see if they would be proud sponsors of Bringing Home The Wall for the Veterans to enjoy and finally get some relief. I’ll close for now but I’ll be back later or in the morning. See ya soon !!

Told you I would be back. That was one heck of a game last night. The team I wanted to win didn’t but, the best team won. The Giants seemed to have more desire and heart. I am really impressed with Eli. That’s enough of that though. I really want to get down to the meat of the subject, GREED!!! The started off reciting the Declaration of Independence and made quite a show of it. Part of it tried to impress that they cared for the Veterans which I didn’t buy into. I think it was all talk and a commercial and they were getting paid for it. At the end of it is said “As the sun goes down, we shall honor and remember them”. Really? I have written to so many people and players and the “PROUD SPONSORS” of the NFL, and I’m going to list them most of whom I wrote to and all of whom never even replied. That is with the exception of Ford Motor Company and NASCAR who didn’t feel that my wanting to give some families and Veterans some closure, and try to educate some school children, quite met their requirements. What they really meant was, HOW CAN WE MAKE MONEY OFF OF THIS?? The average bill for a commercial was 5.4 million for one minute!!! They can spend that just to make more but they won’t help the Veterans who they just said they would honor when the sun went down!!! Of course they will, it’ll be dark and no-one will notice if they do or don’t!! How much did it cost for that performance by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers? I would venture to say a heck of a lot more than I’m trying to obtain. I already have my wall and can use it but would like a new one which is lighter so when my wife and I set it up by ourselves it would be easier. I have a half ton pickup that I can load it in but it’s not very practical, although that’s how I do it now. I really can’t afford a motel room every night so the wife and I make do on the seats of the pickup. Of course the expenses are getting a little to much so on my military pension (disability) I don’t know how much longer we can do this. Is it asking too much to respect the Veterans who gave the GIANTS and the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS the opportunity to play the game yesterday? I think not. For a new wall, a 1 ton pickup and a toy trailer for hauling the wall and sleeping quarters while traveling, and expenses for a year wouldn’t cost 1/10 of what the commercial rate was, and some of them like Budweiser had several of them on there. I guess we know their priorities!! The few that did have the decency to reply to me asked how they would be recognized as a sponsor. Of course they need to be recognized but, is that their first priority??

I would like anyone who can take the time to look at the PROUD SPONSORS of the NFL and ask yourself, “ why they can’t be proud sponsors for something to help the Veterans and children?? “

You have my e-mail, contact me and give me your opinion, am I asking too much? Thanks again and until I get some kind of response I’ll try to be here every day. If I get some positive results I’ll be here every day with updates on how the wall is affecting our Children and Veterans.

Which was your favorite commercial?
Bud Light - fire breather Coca-Cola - parade balloons Budweiser - dog trains Clydesdale Pepsi - Justin Timberlake
Fed Ex - pigeons
Tide - talking stain
Garmin - Napoleon
Diet Pepsi Max - head nodding Audi - 'Godfather' parody
Bud Light - cheese party
i Under Armour - the future is ours
I Gatorade - Derek Jeter
Bridgestone Tire - animals Toyota - badger
Taco Bell - fiesta platter mariachis Dell - join red
Career Builder - beating heart quits GoDaddy - Danica Patrick
Sobe Life Water - "Thriller" lizards Bud Light - Mencia pick-up lines GMC Yukon - never say never
Planters - Men fall for woman with cashews T-Mobile - "Fave Five"/Barkely vs. Wade - witch doctor
I - pandas
il• Vitamin water - Shaquille O'Neal as horse jockey
Bud Light - cavemen Bridgestone - Richard Simmons Career Builder - firefly/spider E-Trade - baby online
Bud Light - flying
Coke - Carville & Frist tour D.C. Gatorade - Dog slurping Gatorade Bud Light - Will Farrell
Victoria's Secret
I Amp energy drink - human battery !
L- . .-..-1

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